August 02, 2007

Gavin & "Lil Thumper"

So here is the little bunny, my husband brought home from work. I was really worried about it for the first few days b/c he just wasn't eating. But he started drinking Milk and eating some grass and has been hopping around everywhere! So the kids are just loving the little bunny and Brooklynn hasn't smashed it yet either! haha
He finally just started drinking out of a little cup thingy instead of this. As you can see it's just a tiny little thing. Do ANY of you know how old you think he is? If it's even a HE ! lol I don't have a clue how old he might be. let me know. . .
Anywho, we are doing great, Brooklynn has just started talking, can't understand her, but she talks often and say's welwo (for our cat ,velcro) heheh it's so cute! ANDDDDDDDDDDD 2 1/2 wks and we can start moving!!! I'm soooOOOOoooo excited about it! Sooo much room it's not even funny!! Ok i've GOT to run, we're going to a little fair today and time goes so fast, so i've got to go!!
One more thing, Brooklynn and I went in yesterday for her tests to be done at the hospital but just like I thought they couldn't put the catherder (?) in so we couldn't do it. Ill let you know more about that later!
Take care! And nice to see Jessica's back amongst us but not for long i'm sure!!! She's gonna have her hands full with two little ones! hehe ~ love, Amber~

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Jessica said...

Hey there girley! Goodness, I've got a lot of catching up to do! haha...Cute bunny, bless it's little heart. I hope it makes it. Very sweet pictures! Ryan has class tonight, so I'm hoping to get back online later to go back through and read up on some of the stuff I've missed. Love ya, Jessica