July 30, 2007


Ok.....so we came home the other nite and there was noi interent connection so I got too looking and we had no power to our modem!!?!?! :( So after an hour on the phone...with At&t...which they was super nice and helpful, have no complaints about them..we discovered it was still under warrenty!!! PRAISE THE LORD! so until it arrives....we have dial-up and wow....how i miss our high-speed right now! Spoiled.... UH YES and LOVE IT! hehe But I can't wait till it comes b/c i have some cute pictures of gavin his "thumper" his litte baby bunny! But am not gonna try and post anything until later... so yo might not hear from me until later on this week! havea nice hot week girls! ~ Amber ~


Rachel said...

We're waiting!

Amber said...

ok...we are back up and running!! Am gonna be gone for most of the day but wilkl try and and post some "bunny" pictures reallly fast!