May 31, 2007

This week....WOW.....

Ok, so I thought I'd post some pictures along with my "interesting week"..and boy has it been. But these pictures are from a little road trip my mom, me, my sister and the kids of course, took one day last week. And we ate at this little place and there was a tractor out back so of course, gavin had to go sit by it, and it turned out rather cute !! And I had to post this one of Brooklynn, b/c it show's her two little teethers so well...hehehe... and yep that's her necklace and her braclet she has on >smile<> So on to everything else.... Brooklynn was sick this past weekend (sat. nite) throwing up several times , all over our bed mind you, was up almost all nite with her saturday, sunday she just laid around, you could tell she just didn't feel good. well monday came (memeorial day) and she seem to be all better. So we all went for a walk , including my hubby, and came back and gavin started saying his tummy hurt really bad, so I told him to go sit on the couch, and wow.... to say the least it was now HIS turn to be sick. He kept throwing up...didn't make it to the bathroom first couple of rounds... it was terrible. So i knew that nite (monday nite) was gonna be NO fun at all either. And nope, was up alot of the nite with him also. But the hubby was here this time to help with him, which was good b/c he's a daddy's boy VERY much !! So today is Thursday and they seem to be doing alot better today and me also, my stomach was really hurting the last 2 days but didn't know if it was just from "Cleaning up" everything....washing 1500 loads of YUCK laundry! LOL So hopefully they are on the right road now! But wait..... THERE'S more girls.....!?! SO mind you my hubby was suppose to be out of town this past weekend (sat/sunday) well i had the car and yep..... you guessed it.... it started overheating on my way home sat. nite!?! And our other car was "blocked in" over here by this stupid white car that is parking where he's NOT suppose to be , SOooo I went over to his house, no answer.... mind you I'm just plain mad at this point. So my hubby has to come back late that nite. WELLL.. on his way home the JEEP started acting up.... can ya believe it?!?!? So he makes it home and sure enough some hose was leaking ,causing it to smoke also. ))))))SCREAM((((( just needed to let that out real fast! haha So we get it in finally on Tuesday (mind you everything is closed b/c of memorial day) well.... a gasket (i know it's not the right spelling but just sound it out!) it had blown and would cost us $900 to fix .........!?!?!?!?! Um, nope we don't have that just laying around in the bank that's for sure. So just pray b/c there is ALOT going on right now, not to mention family on both sides of our's are going through some issues right now. I've got to run for now though... later.... Amber


Anonymous said...

YIKES! that sure sounds familiar.Just as a word of encouragement....It will end and God will provide. We're still not out of the woods , but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Trust God and take time out for Him.
We'll pray for you.
Thanks for writing to me... ;-)

Dottie said...

I pray that all gets better! Love u much!

Jessica said...

Bless your heart. Are the kids better??? Ty has had a cold/congestion thing, but no throwing up. He had a mild ear infection and his nose has RUN off his poor little face, but he seems to be on the mend now. Hope everything starts looking up for you guys soon!