May 22, 2007

See... doesn't the background look great for the pictures?? Some more good family pictures! I thought the one of the Grandma and Papa with the Grandkids was good. This last one is dad, becca and her boyfriend....they plan on getting married next year.


Amanda said...

You have a lot of lovely pictures. Your kids are growing up so fast.

Yes, Megan is getting very big. She has lots of teeth! I couldn't count them all without getting bit...hehe. She is also walking around great - she absolutely loves that she doesn't have to crawl anymore! She's only 10 months old, too! Enough bragging...

I was under the impression you didn't want to hear from me since it had been so long since I heard from you. But, anyway - call me sometime if you want to. I'm going on vacation next week and will be gone for nearly 2 weeks. You could email me if you want.

Talk to ya later!

Jessica said...

Very cute family picture! I LOVE it!!!!