May 17, 2007

Quick Pictures!

Still one .... two....little...teeth....! Gavin stuck her in this box, and she stuck her head out one of the "windows" !! Isn't it so sweet? hehe Sweet little face . . . only 2 more weeks and she'll turn "1" year old! *sniffle* Finally! A picture of Gavin! He let me take one of him, and this is his new "smile"face! -ha We are going out of town this weekend, Sarah's graduation is this weekend and my father-in-law is able to come back from Iraq for 2 wks. So we're gonna spend a couple day's up there! Gavin is so excited about it and I have a TON to do today! Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your Father-in-law! I hope you guys have a great time together. Tell him that we're proud of him and his troop! we owe a lot to our Military!
Cute pics Amber...Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad I finally posted ;-)

Jessica said...

Hey there Girley! Very cute pics! The box ones are adorable. I'm glad his dad is getting to come in! I'm sure you guys are all excited! You can thank him for us too when you get a chance! I'm still alive and well, just haven't been getting on the computer as much lately. It's been really hectic around here the past couple of weeks. picasa is acting like a weirdo so that completely discourages my posting. Did you ever figure out what you're doing Brooklynn's party in? When are you having it?

Amber said...

Hey Rach-
we did have a great time this weekend.. very busy and am totally wore out, but a blast!

Was beginning to wonder if you was around or had left town! haha Our computer has been acting up also, been having to reboot it alot lately!?! I am still thinking on what we are gonna be doing her b-day party in but we are waiting till June 12th to have it, so I've got alittle bit to think about it! (am having a hard time!) *sniffle* Knowing that she's our last one!Thanks for commenting! ~ Amber ~