May 22, 2007

Just some pictures of this weekend...More to come!

Gavin is such a papa's boy . . . and not to mention they BOTH love riding motorcyles!! He had it out in the front yard waiting when we pulled up, you should of seen that smile on Gavin's little face... it was worth a million bucks!!! Brooklynn and her Papa . . remember...she's not fond of guys? well she cried for a bit, but by the end of the day . . . she was good!hehe Just about as big as him! haha This is Aunt Becca's little "puppy" ...and it's little alright! Brooklynn just chilln' out side... she loved getting up in this chair and just sitting there! *************** We also went to the Zoo on saturday and have pictures of that too. Just so much to post. Jessica- am gonna post pics of sarah's graduation to show ya how she's grown up! haha ************** Have a great week! ~ Amber ~


Dottie said...

Love all of your pics!

Dottie said...

Brooklyn and the puppy are precious!

Jessica said...

Oh I like the pics in this post! The one of your father-in-law and Brooklynn is really sweet!!! AND the one of her in the chair is pretty adorable too! Gavin is just growing up so fast!!!