April 24, 2007

So this is when we went on a little trip... more like Noah and Gavin's "fishing" trip! hehe But Brooklynn and I went to JcPennys and found this beautiful dress for her on S-A-L-E, and of course... HAD to get it. Will have to take a picture of her in it and post it for ya! I slacked this weekend on picture's before church, I felt horrible if ya know what I mean girls! *wink* Am doing better now though! Thank goodness!!
So this is what noah and gavin caught that day. Don't you just love that sun hat she has on? She got a little red from the zoo on her head , so I took a hat "that tied on " and she tried a couple of times to get it off ! And i hate the picture of me on the bottom but had to show you Brooklynn's "signature"....... see her tongue??? That's how it usually is!! LOL it's so funny, but she doesn't smileat many people when we're out and about, but at home, she's all smiles, well most of the time. SUPER fussy right now, and not feeling well, due to more teeth trying to come in. :) THe joys of teething for all of us huh??
And the picture of Gavin....sitting on the bench.... is at the Zoo also. It's in the jungle part of the zoo and he's looking up, at the bats that was hangin on the tree's. But it's a sweet picture of him!! hehe
Well that's all i have for now!

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