February 19, 2007

Growing Up . . .

I just love this Picture of My tow kids! Gavin finally let me take one of him . . . Think I wore him out on picture taking! But I got one! A quick one! He got to spend the nite w/ his Nana last nite, and it was so sweet, when My mom was standing by the door to leave, Brooklynn crawled over there and stood up by her leg's.... like "don't forget me!" .. . And there is my little girl.... got her to sit still for a minute b/c she got to play w/ my cell phone! -ha And that is her little Valentine's Day outfit (12mo.) I think I'm gonna take her into the doctor today, to make sure nothing else is going on with her.
And it's gonna be a nice day today!! I can't wait to get out and about!!


Rachel said...

Wow what an adorable picture of Gavin...I just love that wide grin ;-) They're very cute.
I have to get out today too, but man am I grumpy (having a dirty house doen't help at all)! *groan*
Love you

Amber said...

Hey Rach!
That's Gavin for ya! Always has a smile on his face!
Took Brook'n to the doctor, she has an sinus infection..))sigh(( But at least we got the med's now.
I hear ya about the dirty house girl... after the weekends, it's always a mess here!
Luv ya! Amber

Rachel said...

it's finally on the mend now but I'm busy today and I am really looking forward to a NAP!

Anonymous said...

what a cute pic sis later luv ya

Anonymous said...

thank ya sis... did you get the e-mail w/ that pic in it?
later.. luv ya! your BIG sis