February 15, 2007

Gavin's Results . . .

Well.... after 3 1/2 hours of testing, poor little guy, it came down to this. His bladder muscles don't work like they should. SO therefore his bladder is way to larger! When we went in 3 wks ago for an ultrasound, things was pretty bad looking for him. So we have to take him in every 2 hrs or so, and make him go pee. Which can be very stressful at times, but I wouldn't think about not doing it. So when we went in Tuesday, ALOT, I mean ALOT had changed in the last 3 wks. b/c I had been working w/ him so much (and alot of prayers) and his reflex is not even showing up now on the scan that they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We came down to this, we are gonna have to retrain his bladder muscles to remind him to go pee.. and get him where he doesn't ignore that little part in his brain that is telling him " I gotta go NOW!" Only by the grace of God he hasn't had but one UTI's in his life so far!! We go back in a month for an ultrasound here in town to see if he's improving anymore. Also have to get his blood count to see about his levels, if they have gone down, pray that they have!! He's at a 5 right now, the worst. His left kidney is shot, but it is working 11% so they aren't going to do anything about that one. WEll I think that's all for now.... it's SOOOO cold here. Been trying to stay in the house. Miss Brooklynn's other tooth popped in the 2 day's ago. so She has a grand total of "2" teether's now! YAY!!!! She's not feeling good... has been coughing alot and NOT been sleeping at nite much! wbs!! Till later... Amber


Amanda said...

So, it was good news, but the little guy still needs lots of prayers? Is that right? Well, we will sure be praying for him and you too. Hope little Brooklynn doesn't get too sick. My girls are still coughing! Ug. Talk to ya later!


Anonymous said...

Yes, still need's prayer's. That everything keeps going up hill from here. It looks like his little body is taking a turn for the good right now! He's been peeing really well since the drained his bladder out on Tuesday. I've been so excited about it!
Yes , I'm ready for a good nite's rest VERY SOON ! She's not hardly been sleeping since she's not feeling well at all.
Hope your girls coughing goes away soon too! And glad you're results came back good! Remember, I'm here for you if you need to talk! ttyl! *hugs* Amber