October 06, 2006

this is another one of her and the vacuum... just from a different view... it was just so cute & funny to watch her do it.... :) Posted by Picasa


Amanda said...

Cute pictures! I'll miss ya'll while I'm gone - but I'm gonna be havin a blast...

Sorry I forgot to say goodbye tonight - I left in a hurry to get home and start packing (whew that was a long Friday night sermon!)...hahaha

See you later!

Anonymous said...

What IS she doing in these pics? Kicking the vacuum? You GO girl!!! Kick that vacuum over to some boy and let HIM vacuum the floor. haha:) Jessica

Anonymous said...

BTW-Your new layout is cute!!:)

Amber said...

lol.. sure was AMANDA!!! *Zzzzz* I know.. that was the first thing Noah said too! My husband is always in a hurry...so that means I have to be too!

We will be missing you all too, would of been neat just for us adn the kids to go huh? yeah right!! Have fun!!

Jessica...the story is I was getting ready to plug in the vacuum and she moved over by it (because she's rolling over now all thetime) and just propped her little piggy's up there!! It was so cute, I don't know what she was thinking..and gavin loves to vacuum for me so...ta-da !!
I hadto change the layout again... :)Love, Amber