October 07, 2006

Isn't she a precious doll?? This is what she wore to the wedding today!!  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

She's a doll! She's ' style'n '!
I love hats on my girls!

Hey, are you going to spend all week at family camp?

How are the kids? Are they feeling better?

Amber said...

Hey Rach!
WEll Gavin always has worn hats and still love to b/c daddy does.

As far as I know.. we are staying the whole week!! :) you all going too? I will finally get to meet you!!hehe

The kids are almost over it all the way now! Whew....! thankgoodness Later...Amber

Anonymous said...

Brooke woke up this morning throwing up! YUCK!
I guess Church is out for me tonight! (tsk)

I don't know yet about Family Camp. I know that the older the kids get the more fun it would be, but it really depends on Jay's time off and any other things that we need it off for. We have averaged 1 Surgery ( of some kind)
every year (minus 1 ) for the past 6 years ( broken ancles,feet reconstruction, etc)! That takes a chunck out of vacation time! Plus Jay and I like to get away for our Anniversaries (when and IF we can)!
We will, unless God has other plans, go for at least a day!

Amber said...

Well that will be nice. OUr 4th Anniversary is coming up on Dec. 14th and i would LOVE to go away for awhile but I don't htink it's gonna happen for us.. maybe the weekend though!! :)