September 10, 2006

We Are Off to the fair!

Gavin and His Army papa just starting the day at the State Fair!


Terry said...

Dear Amber...Our fair started yesterday, Sept.14..
We can always tell it is fair time in the Niagara Peninsular because THAT is when the weather decides to rain!!Ha!...Love Terry

Amber said...

We just love the fair, epecially this year, b/c Gavin could enjoy it more, and next year it will be alot of fun w/ both of them! And the smell of all the good food there too!! There was a 50% chance of rain on this day we went and it NEVER did rain, just turned out to be really hot!! But it was a blast! Love, Amber

Terry said...

Dear Amber..I just returned from the fair.
The ladies take turns bringing the preachers in dinners and suppers whick I did for lunch.
Well on my way out I fell flat on to my face and hit pretty hard if you ask me!
Grampa Yade made me go to the peramedics to get my knee patched up!! Ha!In the mean time Bernie was waitng in the car for me to the tune of about half an hour! He is a sweet boy though.. He never complains
I will be putting in the picture in my blog that Mr. Yade took of me with that nice bunch of young people. He used my camera to do it with because I never leave home without it!
Well Amber,I have to lay down for awhile and THEN I will go to my blog and and make a post!!
This old girl has had too much excitement for one day..Love Terry

Is Gavin waving at me do you think Amber?? So nice!!
Little Ty winks at all the girls!!
Are ALL little Americans boys such flirts? I THINK so!!!