September 10, 2006

This Is papa and Gavin on the ski lift and he loved it and wasn't scared at all to ride it. And when he got off of it and was so excited and just talked and talked about what he saw when he was riding it! :)


Terry said...

Ha!! This is so cute Amber!!
I remember when Bernie and I went out west by motorcycle that we went on a ski lift at Mount Norquay..On the way up we encountered a lightening storm and that Bernie was so scared he got whiter than a sheet! I snapped a picture of him!! Ha!
He asked me, "Aren't YOU scared?" and I said, "Hey Barn, if I can travel almost 2000 miles here on the back of your bike with the way YOU drive, how can I be scared over a little thing like THIS!!" Ha!!
Come to think of it Amber, I left Ontario with nice brown hair and when I returned from that wild motorcycle trip, I had started to turn grey and after four other repeat trips,,well you can see by my pictures what THAT did to me!I am now white-headed!!....Love Terry

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Terry said...

Dear Amber... I wrote you a nice long comment but some how it disappeared into cyber space so I am just using this as a test comment.
If it goes through, I will try and remember how I wrote the first one and try sending it again, Ok?!! Love Terry

Terry said...

hey Amber..Oh I just noticed your little announcment up top that you have to approve of your comments first so maybe it DIDN'T get lost in cyberspace...Ha!!..Love Terry

Have a good night!!

Amber said...

Hey Terry...
Well I guess I have pushed a button along the way b/c I went in and had to publish them myself! LOL I'm just learning all of this stuff! Thanks for checking out my blog page. I will have to check this out again! Hope to hear from you again! Amber