May 25, 2011

lots of pictures and updates..

sweet kobe boy...
On our way to grandma's and papa davids for the weekend
Im so glad i captured this picture :)
Kobe's bday, he didn't seem to enjoy it much. mickey mouse is
what he loves so mickey mouse it was !
~ MY 3 kiddos, its craZy how their growing up so fast already. Gavin just completed 1st grade and is starting summer vacation today! mind you it's raining and their waiting for the pool to open up lol. I on the other hand very well my lose my mind lol.
I work part time also so i feel like i have 2 full time jobs and the husband works alot of hours as well. We balance it out and it al lworks out well :)
~ My princess ~
~ My handsome Boys ~

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