June 25, 2009

Brooklynns 3rd birthday!

the cutest girls ever !
Making birthday wishes
she thought it was her birthday for days! it was funny..and she loved her do-do-do dora party :)
Her new sandbox she got..a princess one..that is way cute :0 Shes sharing it with miss kaytee jo too..which kaytee eats the sand and loves to throw it on herself...and other ppl.. lol
I just love this picture of the girls..just to cute :)
I took her to party city and wow oh wow.. hard to say no to this little one..so yeah she had a very dora the explorer party haha :)


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!!! It looks like she had a wonderful day!!

Sherry said...

It looks like she had a blast! She is adorable!