February 26, 2009

Spring like weather...

I got to watch my adorable niece last week, and the kids and I had a blast with her! Brooklynn was showing her.. all her dolls that was sitting on the swing here..
We took advantage of the beautiful weather this past weekend and went for a walk up along the dike..the kids thought that was just the coolest thing ever, to be up that high :)
~ I just LOVE this picture! Them in their shades....hehe... see all my flowers sprouting up along the walk way!! Im really excited about them , they are just so beautiful and I love to take pictures of them ..and our rose bushes are just LOVELY!! Yes- I love flowers :)
Well tomorrow is friday.. YIIPPPEEE!!


Sherry said...

Love the pics! The weather is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

thanks sherry :)
~ Amber

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pic with their sunglasses on! :) Your niece looks JUST LIKE your brother!