January 07, 2009


Today is my dear husband's birthday...and so I started searching of what I could make for him. So i came up with this GREAT AND EASY recipe! I used chocolate cake mix rather then white. :) I'm half way done with it and am anxious to see how it turns out! (its my first time)
~For lunch Im going to be making him a mexican casserole that he loves and tonite we are taking him to one of his favorite places to eat!!! He doesn't know yet and the kids and I are really excited!
But thank you honey for everything you do for our family and you work so hard and we are truly thankful! Thank you for raising our kids in church and being such a good daddy to them!
there is the link for that yummy recipe above:) let me know if it doesn't work though!

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Sherry said...

Kind of like a black forest cherry cake with the chocolate?! :D Yummy!