January 15, 2009

guess what?

I got my new camera!! I ended up getting a Canon and am LOVING IT so far!!! I am so wanting to get some great shot of the kids soon ,but seem so busy anymore!
gavins new camera he got for christmas from nana! he loves it and is so good with it too :) hehe He took it to the Moster truck show we went to last friday and snapped like 50 pictures!! Tomorrow nite he's going to the Rodeo!! I;ll have to take a picture of him , on his way out, he's got everything that a cowboy would wear, ready to go!! lol
~ I am loving friday's more and more each time they come around!!! :)~


Anonymous said...

cute pics! Looks like your camera likes the kiddies~:)

Britt said...

Your daughter looks more like you every time you post pictures of her!! :D Mr Davin is a very hansome guy! Can't wait for his rodeo pictures!! :D