October 07, 2008

My angels

Well I found these darling little angels in my house, all ready for church sunday, so I snapped a picture of them! tehe :)
And miss brooklynn and her kitty (poopy) while they watch Dora in brother's room! She loves to hold her kitty while she watches Dora! She is having some issues about "potty training" all the sudden.... BLAH...not wanting to go #2 IN the bathroom!? But i'm sure things will work out soon with her, I have no doubts! :)
On the other hand, Gavin will be starting school tomorrow....I THNK! some ppl.. I tell you what, they shouldn't be allowed to even TOUCH paper work I think! Yes Ive had issues with the whole school thing..but he'll be going to head start this WEEK!! YaY for him! He's so ready and nervous he says! tehe But i'm sure he'll have a blast!
Well that's all for now.... hope you're doing good!~ ttyl~

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Cute patootie!! :D Ms. Brooklyn is definitely sitting pretty and love the sibling love! :D