October 30, 2008

More birthday fun....

Well.... our son gets a CORVETTE before we do!?! haha It was actually given to us for him to ride and we are so excited for him... and his partner in crime as well :) She loves to cruise down the streets with him..her hair hanging on the side and her feet on the dashboard!hehe very cute if you can imagine it !!
A very sweet picture if you're asking me :)
He wanted cupcakes this time....so I was creative and came up with this idea...whatcha think? he thought it was the coolest thing ever, so it made my day!
don't worry...everything was done before he got to lick the spoon! hehe Also, notice his "birthday crown" his teacher at school made for him..on his very special day!
~ You should of seen him wishing..it was the sweetest thing ever...you could actually hear him"wishing" *giggle*..... And see his sister... just sitting there...staring at the candles..the moment after I took this picture, she blew all the candles out while he was wishing!!!! So i re-lite them all so he could blow them out!!
He is really looking forward to saturday though...he's having all his friends over for his party! Am wondering what in the world I was thinking! LOLbut hey it's once a year and 2 hours..i think i can do it! It'll be a blast I"m sure!
I have a TON of things to post but i'm oh so very tired.........

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