October 24, 2008

Gavin's early present..

A true cowboy to heart...so his nana got him this horse..and just couldn't wait to give it to him!
Ready for school...but he had to pose in the process! He LOVES his school...is learning so much already. He gets to go to his 2nd field trip TO the pumpkin patch on his birthday! how awesome is that!! I can't wait!! He's going to have a blast there!!


Sherry said...

Yeehaw! What a cool present!! Giddyup!

Anonymous said...

Blake and all my neices, nephews, cousins, etc..love the spring horse and seem to keep loving it even as they get older!:o) Glad he is liking school, I am so not ready to think about that yet.

Amber said...

Yes he loves it..

And watch out sharon it'll be here before you know it...it's scary but yet exciting too!