October 15, 2008

Bikes, Basketball..and SNAKES!!

The kids had so much fun playing b-ball with their daddy!! Noah put their bikes in the truck for them to ride while he played b-ball, but don't think that really worked out! haha So I snapped pictures while they spent time together!!..............
One of Gavin's early birthday presents from Aunt Linda..which he LOVES!! Also, See our "new to us" truck in the background? (the black one) we LOVE it! S-N-A-K-E-S!! So gavin was riding his bike on the court and long and behold he start hollaring.. "snake!snake" Girl you know I was up and running! haha The after result of seeing the snake which Gavin and his dad just HAD to take and show uncle Timmy...Brooklynn however, was NOT scared of it at all!! ~ So today Gavin has no school, due to Teachers meetings there...was kinda nice b/c it's so rainy and COLD here, it's nice to just stay home and lay around under a big warm blanket :) The heater actually had to be turned on the other nite b/c it got to be almost 63 degrees in here... BRRRrrrrr!
He got to go on his very 1st field trip yesterday...To the firestation!! Which he only LOVED! so yay for him!
Girls he'll turn 5 on the 29th already!!!! :`( I'm trying to think what day would be a good day to have his b-day party also!I'm so excited about planning it though! He's such a sweetheart and of course I only want the best for him! :)


Sherry said...

Love the great pics! I know I would have been running if there was a snake, too. LOL!

Definitely a good day to be curled up in a blanket with a cup of coffee/tea and a good book. :D


Hey you ought to enter this in the Wordless Wednesday Meme!! :D

Sharon said...

great pics..looks like the kids had a blast..can't believe Gavin is going to be 5~seriously..where does the time go? I cannot in my wildest dream believe my baby will be 4...and Lindsay is almost 6 months. These kids are growing up WAAAY to fast for this momma!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Love the pics! :) Can't believe that he's going to be 5. Too wild.

Jessica said...

I accidentally hit the "Publish Your Comment" button twice so it posted my comment two times. So I just deleted one of them. If you're logged on and just commented it gives you the option (little trash can picture) to delete it. No sense in having two that said the same thing so I deleted it. :)