September 22, 2008

Old Memories....

Little gavin....when he was 18 mo. old!! His little smile..well that's what he is known for :]
~ Miss Brooklynn .... at 6 mo. old.. I just love this picture!! Her cheeks just crack me up though!!!
Well it's fall time ..finally...although we are having now summer like weather! I"m ready for jacket season, pumkins on the porch, the beautiful fall time leaves changing, Pumkin pie candles burning.....hmmmm....Just am ready for it all!!


Sherry said...

Too cute!!
I love fall and have some fall scents coming soon to my mailbox. Woohoo! I want to get some mums and/or pumpkins out front, too.

Britt said... you have to say candles??? Gag!! :D I've hid all of mine. LOL!!! The first time in my life I can't stand candles!!! :D

Love ya, Britt

Jessica said...

I have tagged you over on my blog! :)

Sharon said...

cute..cute!! I just love her dress...I have been trying to find Lindsay one like that. Love Gavin's smiles!!