September 04, 2008

A Day with my niece and kiddos :)

These are just SOME of the adorable pictures I got to take of Kaytee and my cuties! Am gonna do a slideshow soon!


Jessica said...

GREAT pics! They're SOOOOOOOO adorable. Brooklynn looks so sweet in that little dress and bow. Good job!

Jessica said... comment FINALLY went through! YAY!

Amber said...

haha yes and THANK YOU!

I went in and changed some stuff around, so hopefully the problem is solved!

Britt said...

Ditto everything Jess said!! :) Adorable!! My favs are the top one on this post of the one of Kaytee's little piggies and the sunflowers!! And the 7th on in the slide of all three. :) Love ya! ~Brittany