August 19, 2008

Fall like days...

Gavin and his "big truck".... Brooklynn striking a pose for her momma :} Isn't her faces oh so funny?
~ Well we sure have been enjoying these "fall like days" and have been outside. It's so nice tonite...mid 80's... I am walking tonite girls :)~
Don't they grow up fast? I mean when your pregnant you can't wait till they come out and you FINALLY get to see what they look like, then before you know they are having their 2nd birthday??!! And one will be going on to school?!? God sure has blessed me with some sweetheart kiddos though ! They are so diffrent and I love it that way!
Speaking of school, Gavin is now on the waiting list to go and I"m praying hard that he'll be called in only a week or so after school starts!! He's been practicing his letters and numbers and he's so excited about going.... now mommy on the other hand... *sniffle* But i know he's ready too!! He'll have a blast :]
Well can't wait to hear from you all... I have a good family picture from this past sunday but it's not letting me upload pics right now :(
Take care~


Britt said...

I'm NOT ready for's coming though! It's really nice now, but snow is following.

Amber said...

I know Britt, it'll be here before you know it, but i've been loving these days, it reminds me of the festival we had back home ,and we still go back home every year for it!!