July 03, 2008

More summer fun...

Noah's catfish Gavin and him brought home the other day. I was suprised, it was pretty good sized. ~ Our family picture ~ 6.29.08 Brooklynn and her daddy.. isn't that dress adorable? her aunt found that at Kohls. Just a cute picture of their little faces. Well I can' twait to take pictures of this weekend. We are going to Noah's bosses relation tomorrow. Other news: 9 days till VACATION! It's getting alot closer to my little niece coming out, Miss Kaytee Jo, due date is the 23rd, we get back the 20th... YIKES! Hope she waits, her momma doesn't though! hehe ---Wanted to share somethign we learned in Sunday school last sunday. What if your husband came home from work and didn't talk to you for a day...or two days...so forth. (we all laughed and said after the first day he'd probably be dead!) haha But he was explaining,our relationship with God is the same way. He wants to hear from us everyday! I just thought that was neat how he explained it that way :] Ok...got big plans today. We're going shopping with my aunt, it's her birthday today! ~ Have a safe weekend ~

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Britt said...

Hi! You cahnged your comments!! Yes! :-) I LOVE your new header picture!!!!! And the layout too!! So, so, so CUTE!!!!! Wuvs!