April 04, 2008

Finally Friday's Pictures!

~ Thanks to my sis-in-law, she get's the credit for this lovely picture of My baby girl~ I HAD to post this picture, just look at the cheesy smile Brookylnn did for me! (that is sarah, noah's sister) Easter Morning...she cracked me up on this picture! See, she's wearing her pretty braclet too! ~ Something fun I did and emailed to my mom of course! They are so easy and simple to do. Also, we're having our yearly Youth Conf. tonite at our church!! I'm so excited, it's always a great turn out and such a blessing. Last year Noah and I helped and again this year we are. I'm playing the piano tonite and the activity is a Digital Scanvanger Hunt! how fun??!! Prayer Request: Pray that i'm able to get a part-time job, am shooting for the evening time. And also I had a really bad flare up on wednesday but this time I almost blacked out. I got really, really dizzy and couldn't see straight and just had to sit down, and i broke out into a full body sweat all the sudden. It only happened one time that day ,but it really scared me b/c i was alone with my kid's here. They specialist don't know why that happened b/c it could of been a number of things. Soooooo.... Welp, guess that's all HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! ~ Love and hugs~ Amber R.


Jessica said...

FINALLY! I've been trying and trying to open up a comment box on your blog and it wouldn't let me. URG> I've been OUT OF IT with some flu like virus and haven't been on the computer. Thanks for the growing gift on facebook! VERY SWEET! Will be praying for you about your job. Hope you're doing okay after you outbreak scare. Sorry to hear about that. Love and hugs, Jess

Jessica said...

I forgot to mention...ADORABLE pics! As always. The kiddies are SO cute and growing up so fast. I love the picture of Brooklynn and her auntie in her Easter dress. Very sweet!