March 26, 2008

True girl :)

~ Very cute. and true girl huh? hehehe My sister gave this to me and Brooklynn just loved it. She just sat there.... but then later on she started playing in it, so off it went and up it went! I thought it was just so cute though :) Also, My husband got me a gift certificate for my b-day to a "Spa"!!!! I'm so excited about it...will probably get a wonderful massage and first i might add!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Amber!!! This is wat TOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW this is what I did today too!!!!!!! :-D Love, Britt

Jessica said...

Aw...too cute! Good job for Noah! A day at the spa! I bet you're too excited about that. Hope you're feeling good these days!