March 11, 2008

More... :}

--- Oh my brother....Andrew... he's gonna be a daddy in July. And yes, we are very close. We've been through alot together , and are always there for each other! Next month...well in a few weeks (WOW) we all get to find out what they are having .. alittle girl or boy!?! They are gonna have a 3-D sono done!!!
I posted this picture, only to show you that I FINALLY got my hair
High-lighted! So yay for me...and yup did it myself. I usually always do. Doesn't she look so T-A-L-L in this picture?
~ This is My sister, Andrea and Me :) She's an amazing young woman, just trying to find herself in life right now. She has a great boyfriend to, and they love to come over and play with the kids.
Anywho, thought I'd post some more pictures since i've been lacking off here lately :)

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!! :D I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to do that myself!! :)

Love ya, Britt