February 08, 2008


~ Well, this past week was my mom's birthday and my sister's b-day! So as you can see , the kids always have fun with the frosting's on the cake! He loves for me to take pictures of his "colored tongue!" btw I went and got info on enrolloing him in preschool!!! :( *sniff*
~ Brooklynn helping Nana blow out the candles....well she's doing it more less! ha
I have alot of more pictures to share along with some stories. And the sun is out today melting all of our snow! But that's ok, as MUCH as i love snow, we've had so much this winter, that i'm ready for spring time!! So we can go out back..just sit around in the nice weather, I can start walking in the evenings again :) Well thanks for all the comments and hope you all are doing good.
-Oh Brooklynn woke up during the nite last nite with a fever , so keep her in your prayers please!! thanks girls!! Love, Amber


Anonymous said...

great pix! hope brooky is feeling better!!! love ya, Britt

Anonymous said...

looks like the kids had fun with the birthday!! Hope the kids are well now and all is going good! sorry it's taken me so long to comment.