January 21, 2008

News & Roses! :)

~ Friday night, we had company over, had a blast with them, and i noticed i was coming down with some more hives, but they was on my neck and starting on my upper lip this time. I thought , oh ok, better try and calm them down. So about 11pm i went and soaked in the tub, like I have been, and that didn't really help at all ! By the time i got out my neck and arms was just hurting something terrible! I've never experienced something like this before, but I Thought, i'll just try and sleep it off.
So off to bed i went, well about 3:30 am I woke up and I couldn't hardly move! I was in so much pain i was just crying, just from the pain in my neck and arms. And before i went ot bed i could tell they was inside my body b/c my throat was itching something terrible. But when i woke up my throat was real tight and my lungs felt very heavy, and tight also.
So my husband got up and got me some pain medicine, whcih i could hardly even swallow these tiny 2 pills. So i laid there for alittle bit but it was jus too painful. SO i got up and told him i was gonna walk around to see if that would help my breathing any, but it only made it worse, and I was having a really hard time breathing by this point! And remember, my lip, well it was H-U-G-E by this point, just the upper one!! But the weird thing was i didn't have but a few hives visible on my body, which is rare, but i beleive they was in my body this time.
SO off to the e.r. we went at 4am, which i struggled to even go b/c i KNOW there is nothing they can do for hives :( But they montiored my oxygen levels off and on and they was fine. So they just sent me home with some medicine, whcih i've had before. I made them do a pregnancy test on me also, but don't worry ladies, it came up (-) :)
So we came back home and I fell right back to sleep , which my hubby had to get up and be at work at 8am , bless his heart, he sure is a loving husband. So sat. i laid on the couch, alllll dayyyy longggg! I felt so blah and weird..... but that's where the roses come in place!! My husband brought home a dozen of roses for me after he got off of work on saturday!!!!! :) Really, could a woman ask for a nicer husband?????? Ladies, we are blessed with great husbands!
So today i have to call my reg. doc and see what else i should do, but like i don't already know the answer. I"m just beside myself on what it is that is bothering me so badly. I have did this and that, even bought bottled water. I just don't know......
welp,take care girlies!! ~ Amber ~


Anonymous said...

aww...how frustrating! I'm sorry. Hopefully they or you will figure out what is going on soon. That was sweet of Noah though!!:)

Anonymous said...

Amber, I hope you're feeling better!! I'll be praying! Cute new pictures!!! I love their new boots!!!! :) My Dad needs to come play w/ Brooklynn! He plays Elafun(sp?)! We had a game night for the kids at churc and he played with one of the little boys there!! :D He was like have you ever played Elafun?? It's pretty fun!! LOL!! I have a winter weather snow warning, so maybe I'll get your snow!! HaHa!! You take care!! Love ya!! Love, Britt

Jessica said...

Bless your heart. I hope they figure out whats going on. WE had to take Ty to the ER last Sunday because he was broken out with hives caused by an allergic reaction. They gave him a mega-dose of Benedryl and sent us home with some other medicines. Hope you're feeling better!

Amber said...

thank you all :) I'm still having problems with them even though i'm on prednizone (?) and zantac. It's kinda weird but I am health wise! lol
take care! thanks for the comments!!!