January 29, 2008

It's cold outside!!

~ We was in her room, she was supppose to be cleaning it up, and i turn around b/c she was so quite , and there she was :) haha ~ ---- Our Sunday picture girls :) Brooklynn wasn't looking to happy there! ha- ----My husband, well, being my husband :] there you are ms brittany, my new glasses! which I do love, and decieded to go with getting them at Lenscrafters b/c you have 30 days to exchange them if you don't like the ones you get! Now I know a woman made up that idea! :)
~ Don't know how much longer this picture will be, so I take one whenever I catch them two HUGGING! :]
- I'm in a hurry , today is my mom's birthday and we're getting ready to go over there and I'm just waiting for my husband to arrive! :) take care!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look GREAT on you!!!!!!!! :) :) Love ya, Britt

Anonymous said...

That picture is ADORABLE of the kids!!!!! You need to have a large on printed and framed!!! A pro couldn't have got a better picture!!! Love, Britt

Anonymous said...

on should be one in the above comment

Jessica said...

Hey girley,

Enjoyed your new pics!!! Thanks for sharing! The one of them hugging is so sweet. You'll cherish that one forever.


Anonymous said...

adorable pics....I'm sure with two it's harder to get a really good pic..I have a hard time with just one kid...well done!:)