December 09, 2007

I'm back!

Haha.... little miss brooklynn, she LOVES the camera and loves to ham it up :) Pray for her, she is really sick and isn't taking it very well. Gavin was cracking me up w/ the poses he was coming up with! lol...he was at nana's house baking some yummy chocolate-chip cookies :) He was sick last week, and still has that cough. It's christmas time! I will write more when i get a chance! But wanted everybody to know i was still alive and sorry i haven't been on blogger rounds here lately! ~take care~ *Amber*


Anonymous said...

aww...hope the kids get to feeling better real soon!! It's no fun being sick..but as a mom I think it is just as miserable having sick kids!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Amber, Hi!! I got an emial that you've commented on my FB wall, but I can't log in to view it. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you! I've been having a lot of trouble getting loged in. I can usely get in every few days. Computers! Agh! Hope all is well you y'all! Gavin is adorable baking cookies!! Love, Britt

Jessica said...

I agree with Sharon about having the sick kids. It's pretty rough!!! Hope everybody is better. I scrolled down to look at your older posts to catch up so I haven't seen if you're all well yet! I'm getting there! haha