November 14, 2007

Me and my baby girl :)

Well i couldn't remember if I told you all that I had cut my hair...again! :) hehe just had to one more time before winter really came. I do love it though. I did color it also, just a little darker, and am pleased with that also. Brooklynn just looks so big in here next to me, and wow she is getting so heavy. She finally has her 2 big teeth in on top and the two big teeth on bottom have now popped through too! so YEA for her!! :) Until later.... Also, every time i type up a post, and like seperate into different parts it NEVER post's like that!? it's so weird, so help if anybody knows anything on it!?! thanks...keep warm

1 comment:

Sharon said...

don't know how to help you..but cute pic and I like the hair!:)