October 09, 2007

Some fall pictures

---- I just love this picture. She loves to stop and smell any flowers we see! She's a sweet girl! ---Gavin, almost 4 yrs. old this month, but this is what he gave me when I took his picture! He's such a good big brother ! :) I would ask you all to pray for Noah's family , this week especially. There is alot going on over on that end, and has affected us all this past 2 months. Pray for Brooklynn too, she's been crying alot lately, and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with her. So think'n about going to the doctor today. --- And oh yes! I'm SUPER excited about this weekend!! It's gonna be super but a trip indeed! take care...enjoy this beautiful weather we're having!!


Jessica said...

You look really thin in this picture! I'm finally starting to lose weight again. It's hard to get over that initial hump once you plato at a certain weight after pregnancy. I can't wait to be little again.

Amber said...

Well thank you ! I've been walking in the evenings here and just been watching what I eat. And yes, it seems like you lose alot of weight, and then just stop for awhile. I'm sure you'll get down in no time at all.
How are are the kids doing ?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Brooklynn at the top!! That's just soo sweet!
Love, Britt