September 18, 2007

***Prayer Request ***

Hello everybody..... I just wanted to ask you all to pray for Noah's family. His dad is back from war, but has some mental issues going on in his mind at the moment. Things are just rough for all of his siblings and especially his mother. Therefore it's been super hard for me, because when your spouse is hurting your heart breaks for him also. I know God will take care of it, but it's not gonna be over night. Just keep them all in your prayers please. Thanks.


Terry said...

Oh Amber, I was going to ask you how Noah's dad was doing and here I would have known if I had of come here sooner.
I will definitely pray for him.
He and his fellow soldiers are heros if you ask me!
I think it must be even harder for a Christian to go to war They see so many sad things.....Love Terry

Amber said...

Well thank you for asking!! He is for sure having some mind issues, just hope he comes around before things are too late.
And yes, I couldn't imagine what he has to see over there, (had to see) one day he had to haul dead soldier bodies over all day. :( very sad for anybody over there!