September 10, 2007

Just alot of pictures...

----- I just love this picture of my little girl and me ! She doesn't look all that happy though does she! haha----- My know those "ring pops"? well they put these funny teeth on the end of them now! It was funny to look at that all day! her's her pretty lips! :) she was super hard to get a decent picture b/c she kept holding her's and sucjing on it. *** Ok... haha... Brooklynn does NOT like this cat! my sister's cat, princess, not many of us do, it's crazy, but anyways... the cat kept coming up and smelling brooklynn's feet, and she HATED it , but i was trying to get a shot of just our feet!
Yes Brooklynn eating an Oreo :) She looks so much like Gavin here I think, and it doesn't help b/c she's wearing his t-shirt either! haha
We all are doing great, am still LOVING the new house. Gavin loves to just go out in the back yard and just play and play. He can go out there by himself. WE usually spend the evenings out in the yard, we have like 10 rose bushes, beautiful color of rose too. White, coral, red, pink... very pretty. I usually try to get some in here in the house for on the table, before Brooklynn gets them. She loves to pull all the petals off of them, one by one! AM loving our garage nice that is :) I still have so much unpacking to do. But stuck all the boxes that I know i don't need upstairs for now.. stuck them downstairs. OUr laundry room is downstairs...and am rather proud of myself, haven't been neglecting the laundry all that much :)
We are suppose to be going to the fair this weekend and we're excited about doing that. And oh yes, we have the ladies retreat coming up in October, we're going to springfield, MO for that and I'm super excited about getting away with the ladies. And then in Decemeber we're taking another "ladies trip" to Branson!! It'll be so pretty around Christmas time!!!!
I really need to get off for now...start cleaning this house :) will try and make my rounds soon!
~ Take care~ Amber


Anonymous said...

What church is putting the retreat on?

Britt said...

Hello Amber! I'm Britt, a friend of Jessica's from her old home town. I stop here often to look at Brooklynn and Gavin's pictures! They are adorable! :) You do a good job with the camera! I just love this new layout! I'm trying to find some stuff to do to my blog. I have wordpress and they don't seem to have as much for them as for blogger. :( Have fun at the fair! I always loved the fair but, my parents didn't! ;) Have a great day! Love, Britt

Jessica said...

Hey girley! I've been visiting and looking at your pictures...these crazy blogs haven't been allowing me to comment for a while now! I FINALLY got through on Amanda's so I hopped over here to say hello to you! Hope all is well and that you're still enjoying your NEW house!!!