July 02, 2007

MY camera's working again...!!!

So brooklynn got the t.v. control today and thought she was big stuff, so i snapped a picture of it! And as you can see on the screen, she sure hit every button she could and as fast as she could also! She's getting so big!
My mister Gavin.... i said I need to see if my camera's working right and so he sure did give me a smile! Cutie pie!!
Sick of the rain...that's all I have to say now... it's been a straight week here now, no fun. Am hoping the day turns out good on wednesday so we can go to the lake or something...
Well, my brother's Wedding went really well. I made it through the whole thing without crying mind you! Was glad though, since i was playing the piano the whole time! If i get some picture's I will have to post them!
And thanks to RACHEL.... i've been checking out short hairstyles LIKE CRAZY the last few days! LOL am really thiking about cutting if off for the summer!?!?! It just looks so cool and light on her doesn't it?? so wish me luck, never know... next time i Post..i might be several inches shorter!! hehe
~ Take Care~ Amber

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Rachel said...

LOL! Thanks for the compliment and not that I'm encouraging your or anything ;-0, but I don't have the headaches like I use to and I love to style it. I thought it would be su8ch a hastle to style it because I thought that my long hair was easy, but this is REALLY EASY!
I'm going to be looking for a picture of you soon.
Glad your camera is fixed. Your kids are really get a lot bigger now. Bet that feels weird.