July 03, 2007

more picture's below

---Not much to say but "Have ya seen such a handsome cowboy before?" ------------My sister snapped a shot before we got ready to walk out the door for the wedding. Turned out good i think. And also, got thinking when i was posting this, hey this is after I highlighted my hair too! haha So this is what it looks like now. It is also almost down to the middle of my back in the back. I have to have them put in alot of layer's b/c it gets so heavy and busy from my natural curly hair. ------------------------ Also, have you ever heard of "floppy cheese?" LOLOL Well I was cutting some slices of cheese for lunch today, and I always cut them really thin for me and Brooklynn..so i know gavin likes them THICK ...like a regluar man, haha, and so when i gave him his thick piece of cheese he said " momma, this is kinda floppy cheese" lol Of course I started laughing, and said "I cut it thick so it wouldn' t be floppy for you".... It was so funny, so he was ok with it...this time though... -THought i'd share that with you.... well i hear my little one waking up..gotta run!


Amanda said...

Wow it took me a few minutes to read through all you recent posts. Seems like you posted a lot lately.

Anyway, cute pics and I love the one with you and the kids. Your hair looks nice too, but I hear ya about it feeling so heavy and hot.

I can't believe Andrew (aka Skippy) is married now! I'm really happy for him and Glenda though.

Have a happy 4th! TTYL!


Brenda said...

Hey Girlfriend! Nice pics! My Favorite is the one of my lil "cowboy" man! hehe he's such a cutie! Britt had so much fun with the kids the other day! We need to come up again. SOON! Take care.

Rachel said...

AWesome hair....I'm still waiting for you to CUT it though! What's keeping ya?!
Cute pics, like always.
I'd better type fast, My computer has been messing up lately.
Love ya

Yankee Girl said...

Hey Amber, cute pictures. Shirley gave me your blog address. Send me your email address please.

Love ya and miss ya,
Kim Tarr