July 07, 2007

"The Hair Cut"

---This is the best i could do with a picture before i cut ALL my hair off... unless you wanna look at the one below of the kids & I. So there ya have it!
Ok.......so here's the "new do"......... Aren't you proud of me rach? haha I did it today...(sat) thought i better be nice and post a picture though for you.... I'm really loving it and can't wait to mess around w/ it and see what other styles I can do with it! The hubby really likes it alot also!! That's always a plus huh Girls? hehe And you can really tell it's dark on the bottom, underneath and lighter on the top...also love that! So whatcha all think? LET ME KNOW!


Amanda said...

Your hair looks cute! Way to go...

Hey, your blog is really hard to see/read - is it just me? The colors aren't contrasted enough or something, I don't know. I like the patriotic background though.

Anywho - hope you had a great 4th!

TTYL! ~Amanda~

Amber said...

Well I knew the lettering was in white, havent had time to change it though...thought you all would just high-lite it until I changed it! haha
Yes..I LOVE my hair, feels so much better! Just am not looking forward to the rain...that is about to hit us....AGAIN!..

Rachel said...

I think, no , I KNOW it's the best haircut I've seen you with so far!!! It looks so cool! Now you've gone and done it and your going to make me want to color my hair!!! How dare you do that to me and everyone around me!
It looks so awesome.
Thanks for taking the plunge with me amber