July 24, 2007

And... they was CAUGHT.... again...

So...do I really need to explain this picture? haha Just glad that I snapped a picture of it :)
I probably won't be on here much the rest of the week, we're getting ready to have VBS starting tomorrow and the rest of the week. We did have a WONDERFUL Ladies weekend, kinda like a retreat but it was only on Saturday, but wow, what a blessing it was to me! Will have to post all about it on here. It was JUST perfect for what we are going through the last couple of months. the theme was "Going through the storms" ok gotta run though! ttyl

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Rachel said...

Those pics are very cute and funny!
Yes, I did get your letter, but I thought I had responded already. We have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do all that I wanted , Including keeping up on cyber world. I am really excited about your house. What does it look like? How many rooms and bathrooms, etc? Details, woman! ;-P