March 12, 2007

Sweet little brooklynn

I just wanted to scan this picture, because I love it so much!! oh how she just ate and ate when she came right out . . . And now look at her, crawling around, taking steps every now and then. I think it's so funny how she just all the sudden stops crawling and stand's up, and wants to walk so badly! hehe _you might pray for her, she's not feeling good again, and I don't know for sure what's the deal with her- _______________ GOOD NEWS!! We went to our follow up appt. for gavin's specialist today, after waiting 3 1/2 hours, we found out that EVERY THING'S MUCH BETTER!!! His bladder muscels are working on their own now, so therefore his bladder is not enlarged anymore, his kidneys are so little now, which is just awesome and his urtuers are not enlarged either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So since we've been working with him on going pee, things have turned around ALOT, so I'm very thankful for that new's today. He goes again in 2 mo. for an ultrasound. _______________________________________ I'm sitting here wishing I would had bought battery's at the store the other day, b/c gavin and his daddy are out playing T-ball, and it's so much fun watching him hit it. He does so good, considering he's never played it in his life. And he's hitting so many of them!! WElp, I think that's all for now... ~ Amber ~


Rachel said...

Man, that amazing! I'm so excited for you guys....isn't God just wonderful!?

I'll be praying for Brooklynn..I hope she gets better soon! We've been struggling with the same things and it's so tiring!

How's the weather? Ours has been wonderful!
well, I ve got some more to do, but in between time I'm on the computer
love ya

Amber said...

Hey rach...
so good to hear from you on here! Thought I had lost ya there for awhile, but i hear ya about being so tired. It's hard at times.
And yes, great news!!! So thankful for it!!
We took a walk today, am gonna post some cute pics I took too!
luv ya, Amber

Amanda said...

Well, I'm so glad to hear the good news on Gavin. That is really GREAT! I hope Brooklynn will be feeling well soon. I love your new kitty cat - he looks so sweet.

Hey, by the way, we've been missing you at church - hope you all are well enough to make it back soon. Take care of those little ones - they are sure sweet. Talk to ya later!