February 23, 2007

Our Day outside. . .

Well my Brother Andrew came over today, and spent the afternoon with us . . . it was so nice out, alittle windy though. But got some darling pictures!! The kids had such a blast out there today, and it was so nice to get out and about ! SO enjoy the pictures!! The ysure are some cute ones..... if I may say myself ! -hehe- Enjoy the weekend!! Love, Amber :)


Anonymous said...

what lovely pic sis later luv ya

Anonymous said...

Those pics are awesome. Hey you know what, I can't get on my blog...I've tried and tried and whenever it prompts me to log in it then "freezes " on that sign in page and then I ca't do anything!!!
Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

hey sis... I thought they was lovely pic's too!~ HA
Rach, i have been having prob's w/ postin my pics lately too, it just freezes up on me. It's gotta be a blogging issue i guess. wait it out... ha ~ AMBER~