February 27, 2007

Itty- Bitty...

Here is my baby girl when she was 4 wks old.....)))sigh(((( How she's grown up all too fast for me! And her little, chubby piggy's! (which I have another post I will be posting soon, with PAINTED little piggy's!) The kids are doing much better now.... thank goodness!! And it's been really nice weather too lately... ttyl......... Amber
-Rach, where are ya girl?-


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm doing good! BUSY, but good. How are you?
Hows your church doing? Are you going to Family Camp?
Love ya Rach

Anonymous said...

By the way she really looks like Gavin in this picture

Anonymous said...

Hey Rach....
well you know how I am, I responded back from your e-mail you sent me. I'll have to talk to you about Family camp.
I think she does too! Their daddy can't deny these kids huh? lol
Later~ Amber