February 10, 2007

I Am Back Girls!

Well, I do have to say it's nice to have the internet back! But we was sick one week, and have been really busy with some other stuff we're taking care of. But I do have some picture's for you.....!!!
My little Miss Brooklynn Emily has been crawling for the last 2 weeks and has been letting go of stuff and trying to take a step! So to say the least she has ALOT of little bumps here and there! Yep, that means she into everything and Gavin now shuts the door to his room! -ha-
Prayer Request-
My Little guy Gavin has to have some test ran in Ok. City on Tuesday at 2:30. Their concern now is that his bladder is just too big and it's not releasing the urine like it's suppose too. His left kidney is working 11% and the right is 89% and is doing all of the work. He still has the reflex problem.... but he started complaining about his tummy (where his bladder is) is hurting last nite. I'm really nervous and of course stressed out about what wil be done. Something HAS to be done though. They think that there might be a blockage in his actually "pee-pee" now, but that's why their doing the test's. They are gonna be putting a cath in draining his bladder and filling it with that dye stuff and watching it. (pray that we can even find that hospital too) lol !
Enough of that for now.....
I'm gonna be posting some pics of Noah and I's wedding since "Valentine's Day" is just around the corner... Oh Rach... I GOT A SCANNER GIRL!!! did you get those pic's I sent ya? Let me know! Gotta run.. got alot to do today. We're going out w/ a couple from back home tonight to dinner and then bowling! I'm really excited about it! TTYL! Can't wait to hear back from ya all !


Amanda said...

I love the pic of her sleeping in her food. How adorable! It's good to see you back on the blog!

We'll be praying for Gavin, poor little guy. And also for you and Noah - I know how stressful health situations can be. Especially with the little ones.

Take care - see you soon!

Amber said...

Hey Amanda!
It was so funny, one minute she was laughing, banging on stuff, and then I turned around the next minute and she was asleep! Gavin thought it was funny, but I could see the look on his face, like why would she do that?? haha

Yes, we need all the prayers we can get about Gavin's test this Tuesday. I know God is in control, and I just have to trust Him.

Hope everybody is getting better at your house. Now Noah is coming down with it and Brooklynn still has a touch of it.

See ya some time at church... some day! LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't talk for long but I wanted to tell you that I got those pics and they're awesome. I wasn't impressed with my wedding pics...I'm glad that you got some good ones.
It's good to see ya back.
VERY cute pics of Brooklynn sleeping in her food.
We'll be praying for Gavin....let me know how his test comes out tomorrow.
Love ya Rachel