January 06, 2007

that is ALOT of snow girls!


Rachel said...

I think I'll take a brake and stand next to the fireplace to warm up.

Terry said...

Oh Amber...I was just visiting your site because I want to ask you if I can put your link on mine...
Oh boy! What a lot of snow!!
Please don't send any of it here!!
Anyways can I? Love Terry

Amber said...

hey rach- we've been starting the fire alot at nite here! I LOVE having a fireplace!!

Terry- sure you can put me on your links! And believe me I don't want near that much snow HERE, but they say some is coming our way this weekend! ttyl! Amber

Jessica said...

OOO...that looks SO cold! It would be fun to play in for the day if you had some super warm snow clothes!