January 14, 2007


Isn't this just the sweetest picture of her yet? I just love it!


Jessica said...

What a little doll! That picture is very sweet! Is she a thumb sucker?

Amber said...

Hey Jessica!
How are ya? Did you get my e-mail? Nope, neither of mine are thumb suckers.. thank goodness! And thanks too, I LOVE IT too! :0 AMber

Jessica said...

Hey Amber! Yes I did get your email...sorry I haven't replied yet!!! I will definetly try to! I'm a terrible emailer most of the time, however I do have my spurts of where I'm really good at it, so maybe I'll have one of those! haha

Ty sucked his thumb off and on for about a week and then stopped completely. I guess he just figured that it wasn't for him. Who knows! haha