December 14, 2006

Our 4th Anniversary !

Well, today is our "4th Anniversary! " So hard to believe already , 4 years ! We've had our up's and down's But I'm so thankful for them now, b/c we are so much closer to each other, it's amazing. How you can be thinking the same thing at the same time and finish one another's sentences. And how you can just look at each other and know that He's telling you " I love you" without saying it aloud.... or still get butterflies when he looks at you or tells you he loves you just out of the blue.....! That's just awesome! And Thank God each and every day for your spouse! I know I don't do it enough... But I LOVE YOU HONEY! " HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY TO US! " --- I have this picture of the 4 roses he got me but it will not let me post it for some reason... ---


Jessica said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Hope it was wonderful!

Rachel said...

happy...happy...happy Anniversary!
Whoo weee...I wish I could see those wedding pic better. How did your time together go? Details girl!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats to u both! I am horrible with cards! Love, Dottie