December 05, 2006

I'm 6 months old already....

Can you believe it ?? My little girl, is already 6 months old today???
Still NO teeth yet for my little one, bless her heart! So that means, another check up for her. I wonder how much she weighs this time?? hehe She's such a sweetie pie!
She sleeps through the night, in her own bed, and has been sleeping in till at least 8am now!! WOOHOO!! :) That's BIG b/c since the time change she's been waking up at 6 A.M. !! And man, did that wear me out for the couple of weeks she did that! But it's getting better now! yea!
so happy half birthday my little one! :) Love you!


Anonymous said...

this is great! love you, dottie

Rachel said...

WOW, Happy (half) birthday little miss Brooklynne!
I can't believe how fast the blogger babies are growing!
Hey, Amber thanks for leaving such an awesome post on SSS! LOL
Do you know who sommer girl is???
She commented on your post...I thought that was really cool!
Let me know.....I'm going to have to wait to call you unless I get free time but I excited about getting to know youy more...especially since we already have decided we are too much alike!
What fun! Talk to ya soon (cross fingers)
Love ya Rach

Amber said...

Hey Rach...
Yep, already 6 months *sniffle*

Anywho.. I'll e-mail you about the SSS... and hey I try to do my best! lol
ttyl...*cross my fingers*

Jessica said...

Hey girley! Love all your holiday pics! Your babies are little dolls to be sure! Ty now has four teeth bless his heart. They're all coming in at once. He looks like a little vampire. He's got his to upper ones on either side of where his front teeth should be, then he has his two bottom teeth. Very cute. Did Gavin have cold symptoms when cutting his teeth? Poor little Ty has a snotty nose, coughs, and everything!