December 01, 2006

How Sweet !!

I think this picture is so sweet. This is Daddy's Angel he made and gavin is standing in the middle of it......Kinda makes me think, yep, he's right in the middle of his daddy's heart. Gavin and his daddy have such a special bond, and I love that!! And I think Miss Brooklynn and I have a special one too.....or at least hope so! :)
And when I told Gavin to look out the window b/c it was snowing, he said "Alright! I can open my presents now!" hahaha.... It was funny! (b/c we have a bunch of presents under the tree already!) Hope you all had a fun time w/ your kids in the snow !!


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry I didn't comment on this sooner. Jay and I actually saw this the other day and we both LOVEd it. How cute. YOur blog always has some awesome pics and I love them all!
Amber, e-mail me later I want to ask you something!
LOve ya rach

Jessica said...

SWEET picture! Love it love it!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a magazine cover! Love, Dottie